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TRMT61B (Q9BVS5) - Overview - Molecular Target Synopsis


TRMT61B, tRNA (adenine(58)-N(1))-methyltransferase, mitochondrial
Enzyme Classification
UniProt Q9BVS5

Also Known as TR61B_HUMAN, TRMT61B

Methyltransferase that catalyzes the formation of N(1)-methyladenine at position 58 (m1A58) in various tRNAs in mitochondrion, including tRNA(Leu) (deciphering codons UUA or UUG), tRNA(Lys) and tRNA(Ser) (deciphering codons UCA, UCU, UCG or UCC) (PubMed:23097428). Catalyzes the formation of 1-methyladenosine at position 947 of mitochondrial 16S ribosomal RNA and this modification is most likely important for mitoribosomal structure and function (PubMed:27631568). In addition to tRNA N(1)-methyltransferase activity, also acts as a mRNA N(1)-methyltransferase by mediating methylation of adenosine residues at the N(1) position of MT-ND5 mRNA, leading to interfere with mitochondrial translation (PubMed:29107537). Homooligomer; in contrast to TRMT61A, does not form a heterotetramer.

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Sub-cellular localization

UniProt: TRMT61B is active in the following subcellular-locations: mitochondrion.
GO terms: TRMT61B is active in the following subcellular-locations: mitochondrial matrix, mitochondrion, tRNA (m1A) methyltransferase complex.

GO terms

Gene Copy Number Variation

In COSMIC - Cell Lines Project TRMT61B has gain in 2 cell-lines, loss in 0 cell-lines and no signal in 1003 cell-lines. (see details)

Gene Expression

In NCI60, the highest expressing cell lines are: ACHN, MALME_3M, NCI_H322M

In Array Express (RNA-seq of 675 commonly used human cancer cell lines), the highest expressing cell lines are: OvCA 432, VMRC-LCD, NCI-H322T

In Array Express (RNA-seq of long poly adenylated RNA and long non poly adenylated RNA from ENCODE cell lines), the highest expressing cell lines are: HeLa-S3, NHLF, A549

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3D Structures

For TRMT61B there are:
1 structures (2 chains) solved
1 are solved in complex with at least one small molecule ligand

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