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ARL8A (Q96BM9) - Domains And Structures - Molecular Target Synopsis

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Structural Sequence Similarity Matches
Domains Covered Gene Name (Uniprot) Solved in Complex with Organism PDB Chain Identity E-Value Resolution Ligands Release Date
(view alignment) ARL13 (A8INQ0) - 4M9Q_B 35.61 7.0E-21 GNP
(view alignment) ARL13 (A8INQ0) - 4M9Q_A 35.61 7.0E-21 GNP
(view alignment) ARL8B (Q9NVJ2) - 2AL7_A 94.61 1.0E-92 GDP
(view alignment) ARL13 (A8INQ0) - 4M9Q_C 35.61 7.0E-21 GNP
(view alignment) ARL8A (Q96BM9) - 2H18_A 100 0 GDP
(view alignment) ARL8A (Q96BM9) - 4ILE_A 100 0 GDP
(view alignment) ARL8A (Q96BM9) - 1ZD9_A 100 0 GDP
(view alignment) ARL13 (A8INQ0) ARL3 (A8ISN6) 5DI3_B 35.61 8.0E-21 GNP