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MAP1S (Q66K74) - Overview - Molecular Target Synopsis


MAP1S, Microtubule-associated protein 1S
UniProt Q66K74

Also Known as MAP1S_HUMAN, MAP1S, BPY2IP1, C19orf5, MAP8, VCY2IP1

Microtubule-associated protein that mediates aggregation of mitochondria resulting in cell death and genomic destruction (MAGD). Plays a role in anchoring the microtubule organizing center to the centrosomes. Binds to DNA. Plays a role in apoptosis. Involved in the formation of microtubule bundles. Heterodimer of a heavy and a light chain. Interacts with microtubules and actin. Both MAP1S heavy and light chains interact with microtubules. MAP1S light chain interacts with actin. Interacts (via C-terminus) with GAN (via Kelch domains) (By similarity). Interacts with ESR1, LRPPRC, RASSF1 isoform A and isoform C, microtubules and VCY2. Interacts with WDR47 (via N-terminus of light chain).

Isoforms / Transcripts (Protein Coding)

Sub-cellular localization

UniProt: MAP1S is active in the following subcellular-locations: cytoplasm, cytoskeleton, cytosol, nucleus, spindle.
GO terms: MAP1S is active in the following subcellular-locations: cell junction, cell projection, cytosol, dendrite, microtubule, microtubule associated complex, neuronal cell body, nucleolus, nucleus, perinuclear region of cytoplasm, spindle, synapse.

GO terms

Gene Copy Number Variation

In COSMIC - Cell Lines Project MAP1S has gain in 1 cell-lines, loss in 1 cell-lines and no signal in 1003 cell-lines. (see details)

Gene Expression

In NCI60, the highest expressing cell lines are: UACC_62, LOXIMVI, SK_MEL_28

In Array Express (RNA-seq of 675 commonly used human cancer cell lines), the highest expressing cell lines are: PK-59, SK-N-FI, NCI-H1155

In Array Express (RNA-seq of long poly adenylated RNA and long non poly adenylated RNA from ENCODE cell lines), the highest expressing cell lines are: HUVEC, SK-N-SH, NHLF

(see details)

Screening and Chemistry

MAP1S has been screened with compounds ( bioactivities). (see details)