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rplN (Q5L413) - Domains And Structures - Molecular Target Synopsis

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Structural Sequence Similarity Matches
Domains Covered Gene Name (Uniprot) Solved in Complex with Organism PDB Chain Identity E-Value Resolution Ligands Release Date
Ribosomal protein L14p/L23e (100%) (view alignment) rplN (Q5L413) rpsT (P80380), rpl23 (P12732), rpsF (Q5SLP8), rpmD (Q5SHQ6), rpl5 (P14124), rpl18 (P14123), rpsU (Q5SIH3), rplV (Q5SHP3), rpsG (P17291), rpsO (Q5SJ76), rpsP (Q5SJH3), prfB (P07012), rpsM (P80377), rpsS (Q5SHP2), rplF (Q5L408), rpl4 (P12735), rplA (Q5SLP7), rpsD (P80373), rpsQ (A0A0N0BLS5), rpsJ (Q5SHN7), rpsI (P80374), rpsK (P80376), rpsH (P0DOY9), rplY (P68919), rpsL (Q5SHN3), rpl24e (P14116), rpl3 (P20279), rpsB (P80371), rpl13 (P29198), rpsZ (A0A0N0BLP2), rpl10e (P60617), rplB (P04257), rpsE (Q5SHQ5), rpsR (Q5SLQ0), rplK (P29395), rpsC (P80372), rpl15 (P12737), rpl24 (P10972), rpl29 (P10971) 1ML5_n 100 0 14Å - 2003-01-14