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SCN5A (Q14524) - Domains And Structures - Molecular Target Synopsis

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Structural Sequence Similarity Matches
Domains Covered Gene Name (Uniprot) Solved in Complex with Organism PDB Chain Identity E-Value Resolution Ligands Release Date
(view alignment) SCN2A (Q99250) - 2KAV_A 83.96 3.0E-49 -
(view alignment) Scn2a (P04775) - 1BYY_A 90.57 7.0E-26 -
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858), (A8EVM5) (P83476) 6N4R_D 44.14 6.0E-11 -
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858), (A8EVM5) (P83476) 6N4R_A 44.14 6.0E-11 -
(view alignment) (D0E0C2) (P49126) 6A95_A 43.93 7.0E-56 NAG 9SR
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858) SCN1B (Q07699), SCN2B (O60939) 6J8J_A 74.03 0 NAG 9SR
(view alignment) SCN2A (Q99250) FGF13 (Q92913), CALM2 (P0DP24) 4JPZ_B 76.4 4.0E-73 -
(view alignment) (D0E0C2) (P49126) 6A90_A 43.93 7.0E-56 NAG
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) FGF13 (Q92913), CALM2 (P0DP24) 4DCK_A 100 0 -
(view alignment) (P83476) 6N4I_D 44.14 6.0E-11 6OU
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) CALM2 (P0DP24) 4OVN_F 100 0 -
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) CALM2 (P0DP24) 4OVN_I 100 0 -
(view alignment) SCN4A (P35499) SCN1B (Q07699) 6AGF_A 76.39 2.0E-106 9Z9 NAG BMA 6OU
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858) SCN1B (Q07699), SCN2B (O60939) 6J8I_A 74.03 0 NAG 9SR
(view alignment) (D0E0C2), SCN9A (Q15858) (P01484) 6NT4_A 45.89 9.0E-56 Y01 NAG BMA LHG PEE L0A
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) CALM2 (P0DP24) 4OVN_H 100 0 -
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) CALM2 (P0DP24) 4DJC_B 100 0 -
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) CALM2 (P0DP24) 2L53_B 100 0 -
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858), (A8EVM5) (P83476) 6N4Q_C 44.14 6.0E-11 -
(view alignment) SCN4A (P35499) Calm1 (P0DP29) 6MC9_A 75.46 5.0E-72 -
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858) SCN1B (Q07699), SCN2B (O60939) 6J8G_A 74.03 0 NAG 9SL
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) FGF12 (P61328), CALM2 (P0DP24) 4JQ0_D 100 0 -
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858), (A8EVM5) (P83476) 6N4R_C 44.14 6.0E-11 -
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) CALM2 (P0DP24) 4OVN_J 100 0 -
(view alignment) SCN2A (Q99250) FGF13 (Q92913), CALM2 (P0DP24) 4JPZ_H 76.4 4.0E-73 -
(view alignment) (P83476) 6N4I_C 44.14 6.0E-11 6OU
(view alignment) SCN4A (P35499) Calm1 (P0DP29) 6MBA_A 76.83 1.0E-72 -
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858), (A8EVM5) (P83476) 6N4Q_B 44.14 6.0E-11 -
(view alignment) (D0E0C2) - 5X0M_A 43.93 7.0E-56 NAG BMA
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858), (A8EVM5) (P83476) 6N4Q_D 44.14 6.0E-11 -
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) - 2KBI_A 100 0 -
(view alignment) (P83476) 6N4I_A 44.14 6.0E-11 6OU
(view alignment) (P83476) 6N4I_B 44.14 6.0E-11 6OU
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858), (A8EVM5) (P83476) 6N4R_B 44.14 6.0E-11 -
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) CALM2 (P0DP24) 5DBR_C 100 0 -
(view alignment) SCN5A (Q14524) CALM2 (P0DP24) 4OVN_G 100 0 -
(view alignment) SCN2A (Q99250) (P0C195), SCN2B (O60939) 6J8E_A 75.39 0 9Z9 NAG BMA
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858), (A8EVM5) (P83476) 6N4Q_A 44.14 6.0E-11 -
(view alignment) (D0E0C2) (P49126) 6A91_A 43.93 7.0E-56 PC1 NAG 9SL
(view alignment) (P02719) (A0A1L3MZ94) 5XSY_A 65.83 7.0E-90 NAG BMA
(view alignment) (D0E0C2), SCN9A (Q15858) - 6NT3_A 45.89 9.0E-56 Y01 NAG BMA LHG PEE L0A
(view alignment) SCN9A (Q15858) SCN1B (Q07699), SCN2B (O60939) 6J8H_A 74.03 0 NAG 9SL