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ARFRP1 (Q13795) - Domains And Structures - Molecular Target Synopsis

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Structural Sequence Similarity Matches
Domains Covered Gene Name (Uniprot) Solved in Complex with Organism PDB Chain Identity E-Value Resolution Ligands Release Date
(view alignment) ARL5A (Q9Y689) - 2H16_B 39.88 2.0E-29 GDP
(view alignment) ARL3 (A8ISN6) ARL13 (A8INQ0) 5DI3_A 40.64 9.0E-31 GNP
(view alignment) Arl3 (Q9WUL7) RP2 (O75695) 3BH7_A 40.94 2.0E-26 GDP
(view alignment) Arl3 (Q9WUL7) Cfap36 (Q8C6E0) 4ZI2_A 41.08 5.0E-27 GNP
(view alignment) ARL5A (Q9Y689) - 1Z6Y_A 38.04 1.0E-30 GDP
(view alignment) Arl3 (Q9WUL7) - 1FZQ_A 41.08 5.0E-27 GDP MES
(view alignment) ARF1 (P11076) BCH1 (Q05029) 4Q66_L 35.06 2.0E-24 GNP
(view alignment) ARL5A (Q9Y689) - 2H16_C 39.88 2.0E-29 GDP
(view alignment) ARL2 (P36404) ARL2BP (Q9Y2Y0) 3DOE_A 35.36 2.0E-27 GTP
(view alignment) ARL5A (Q9Y689) - 2H17_A 39.88 3.0E-29 GDP
(view alignment) Arl3 (Q9WUL7) UNC119 (Q13432) 4GOJ_B 41.08 5.0E-27 GNP
(view alignment) ARL5A (Q9Y689) - 1Z6Y_B 38.04 1.0E-30 GDP
(view alignment) ARL5B (Q96KC2) - 1YZG_A 37.79 6.0E-28 GDP
(view alignment) Arl3 (Q9WUL7) Cfap36 (Q8C6E0) 4ZI3_B 41.08 5.0E-27 GNP
(view alignment) Arl3 (Q9WUL7) Cfap36 (Q8C6E0) 4ZI2_B 41.08 5.0E-27 GNP
(view alignment) ARF2 (P19146) - 1MR3_F 35.36 3.0E-26 G3D
(view alignment) ARL5A (Q9Y689) - 2H16_A 39.88 2.0E-29 GDP
(view alignment) Arl3 (Q9WUL7) UNC119 (Q13432) 4GOJ_A 41.08 5.0E-27 GNP
(view alignment) Arl3 (Q9WUL7) Cfap36 (Q8C6E0) 4ZI3_A 41.08 5.0E-27 GNP
(view alignment) ARF1 (P11076) BCH1 (Q05029) 4Q66_F 35.06 2.0E-24 GNP
(view alignment) ARF1 (P11076) BCH1 (Q05029) 4Q66_I 35.06 2.0E-24 GNP
(view alignment) Arl3 (Q9WUL7) RP2 (O75695) 3BH6_A 40.35 2.0E-25 GNP
(view alignment) ARL5A (Q9Y689) - 2H16_D 39.88 2.0E-29 GDP
(view alignment) ARL2 (P36404) ARL2BP (Q9Y2Y0) 3DOF_A 35.36 2.0E-27 GTP
(view alignment) Arl2 (Q9D0J4) PDE6D (O43924) 1KSG_A 35.11 1.0E-27 GTP
(view alignment) ARF1 (P11076) - 2K5U_A 35.36 1.0E-26 GDP
(view alignment) Arl2 (Q9D0J4) PDE6D (O43924) 1KSH_A 35.11 1.0E-27 GDP
(view alignment) Arl2 (Q9D0J4) PDE6D (O43924) 1KSJ_A 35.11 1.0E-27 GTP GDP
(view alignment) ARF1 (P11076) COPG1 (P53620), COPZ1 (P35604) 3TJZ_A 35.93 9.0E-25 GNP
(view alignment) ARL3 (A8ISN6) - 5DE3_A 42.26 6.0E-30 GNP
(view alignment) ARL5A (Q9Y689) - 1ZJ6_A 38.04 1.0E-30 G3D
(view alignment) ARF1 (P11076) COPG1 (P53620), COPZ1 (P35604) 3TJZ_D 35.93 9.0E-25 GNP
(view alignment) ARF1 (P11076) BCH1 (Q05029) 4Q66_C 35.06 2.0E-24 GNP
(view alignment) ARF1 (P11076) - 2KSQ_A 35.14 2.0E-27 GTP MTN