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SPIRE1 (Q08AE8) - Overview - Molecular Target Synopsis


SPIRE1, Protein spire homolog 1
UniProt Q08AE8

Also Known as SPIR1_HUMAN, SPIRE1, KIAA1135, SPIR1

Acts as an actin nucleation factor, remains associated with the slow-growing pointed end of the new filament (PubMed:11747823, PubMed:21620703). Involved in intracellular vesicle transport along actin fibers, providing a novel link between actin cytoskeleton dynamics and intracellular transport (PubMed:11747823). Required for asymmetric spindle positioning and asymmetric cell division during meiosis (PubMed:21620703). Required for normal formation of the cleavage furrow and for polar body extrusion during female germ cell meiosis (PubMed:21620703). Also acts in the nucleus: together with FMN2, promotes assembly of nuclear actin filaments in response to DNA damage in order to facilitate movement of chromatin and repair factors after DNA damage (PubMed:26287480). Interacts with FMN2.

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Sub-cellular localization

UniProt: SPIRE1 is active in the following subcellular-locations: cell membrane, cytoplasm, cytoplasmic vesicle membrane, cytoskeleton, perinuclear region.
GO terms: SPIRE1 is active in the following subcellular-locations: cell cortex, cytoplasmic vesicle membrane, cytoskeleton, cytosol, nucleoplasm, perinuclear region of cytoplasm, plasma membrane.

GO terms

Gene Copy Number Variation

In COSMIC - Cell Lines Project SPIRE1 has gain in 4 cell-lines, loss in 4 cell-lines and no signal in 997 cell-lines. (see details)

Gene Expression

In NCI60, the highest expressing cell lines are: NCI_H226, SK_MEL_5, MCF7

In Array Express (RNA-seq of 675 commonly used human cancer cell lines), the highest expressing cell lines are: Hs 746T, SUM 1315M02, RERF-LC-KJ

In Array Express (RNA-seq of long poly adenylated RNA and long non poly adenylated RNA from ENCODE cell lines), the highest expressing cell lines are: HSMM, NHLF, SK-N-SH

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3D Structures

For SPIRE1 there are:
4 structures (7 chains) solved
0 are solved in complex with at least one small molecule ligand

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