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TAP1 (Q03518) - Overview - Molecular Target Synopsis


TAP1, Antigen peptide transporter 1
UniProt Q03518

Also Known as TAP1_HUMAN, TAP1, ABCB2, PSF1, RING4, Y3

Involved in the transport of antigens from the cytoplasm to the endoplasmic reticulum for association with MHC class I molecules. Also acts as a molecular scaffold for the final stage of MHC class I folding, namely the binding of peptide. Nascent MHC class I molecules associate with TAP via tapasin. Inhibited by the covalent attachment of herpes simplex virus ICP47 protein, which blocks the peptide-binding site of TAP. Inhibited by human cytomegalovirus US6 glycoprotein, which binds to the lumenal side of the TAP complex and inhibits peptide translocation by specifically blocking ATP-binding to TAP1 and prevents the conformational rearrangement of TAP induced by peptide binding. Inhibited by human adenovirus E3-19K glycoprotein, which binds the TAP complex and acts as a tapasin inhibitor, preventing MHC class I/TAP association. Expression of TAP1 is down-regulated by human Epstein-Barr virus vIL-10 protein, thereby affecting the transport of peptides into the endoplasmic reticulum and subsequent peptide loading by MHC class I molecules. Heterodimer of TAP1 and TAP2. Interacts with PSMB5 and PSMB8 (PubMed:15488952). Similarly to classical MHC class I assembly, HLA-E-B2M complex binds TAP1-TAP2 heterodimer and CALR before the peptide loading (PubMed:9427624). Interacts with HLA-F.

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Gene Copy Number Variation

In COSMIC - Cell Lines Project TAP1 has gain in 0 cell-lines, loss in 0 cell-lines and no signal in 0 cell-lines. (see details)

Gene Expression

In NCI60, the highest expressing cell lines are: SR, NCI_H226, HT29

In Array Express (RNA-seq of 675 commonly used human cancer cell lines), the highest expressing cell lines are: M059J, SW 1990, NCI-H596

In Array Express (RNA-seq of long poly adenylated RNA and long non poly adenylated RNA from ENCODE cell lines), the highest expressing cell lines are: SK-N-SH, HeLa-S3, BJ

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3D Structures

For TAP1 there are:
2 structures (2 chains) solved
1 are solved in complex with at least one small molecule ligand

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