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RAB3A (P20336) - Overview - Molecular Target Synopsis


RAB3A, Ras-related protein Rab-3A
UniProt P20336

Also Known as RAB3A_HUMAN, RAB3A

Small GTP-binding protein that plays a central role in regulated exocytosis and secretion. Controls the recruitment, tethering and docking of secretory vesicles to the plasma membrane (By similarity). Upon stimulation, switches to its active GTP-bound form, cycles to vesicles and recruits effectors such as RIMS1, RIMS2, Rabphilin-3A/RPH3A, RPH3AL or SYTL4 to help the docking of vesicules onto the plasma membrane (By similarity). Upon GTP hydrolysis by GTPase-activating protein, dissociates from the vesicle membrane allowing the exocytosis to proceed (By similarity). Stimulates insulin secretion through interaction with RIMS2 or RPH3AL effectors in pancreatic beta cells (By similarity). Regulates calcium-dependent lysosome exocytosis and plasma membrane repair (PMR) via the interaction with 2 effectors, SYTL4 and myosin-9/MYH9 (PubMed:27325790). Acts as a positive regulator of acrosome content secretion in sperm cells by interacting with RIMS1 (PubMed:22248876, PubMed:30599141). Plays also a role in the regulation of dopamine release by interacting with synaptotagmin I/SYT (By similarity). Interacts with RIMS1 and RIMS2 (By similarity). Interacts with Rabphilin-3A/RPH3A and Rab effector Noc2/RPH3AL (By similarity). Interacts with SYTL4 (By similarity). Interacts with RAB3IP (By similarity). Interacts with SGSM1 and SGSM3 (By similarity). Interacts with SYT1 (By similarity). Interacts with MYH9; this interaction is essential for lysosome exocytosis and plasma membrane repair (PubMed:27325790). Interacts with STXBP1; this interaction promotes RAB3A dissociation from the vesicle membrane (By similarity). Interacts with SNCA (PubMed:15207266).

Isoforms / Transcripts (Protein Coding)

Sub-cellular localization

Gene Copy Number Variation

In COSMIC - Cell Lines Project RAB3A has gain in 1 cell-lines, loss in 2 cell-lines and no signal in 1002 cell-lines. (see details)

Gene Expression

In NCI60, the highest expressing cell lines are: SK_MEL_5, KM12, PC_3

In Array Express (RNA-seq of 675 commonly used human cancer cell lines), the highest expressing cell lines are: HCC12, NCI-H1770, NCI-N417

In Array Express (RNA-seq of long poly adenylated RNA and long non poly adenylated RNA from ENCODE cell lines), the highest expressing cell lines are: SK-N-SH, IMR-90, SK-N-SH_RA

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3D Structures

For RAB3A there are:
1 structures (1 chains) solved
1 are solved in complex with at least one small molecule ligand

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Screening and Chemistry

RAB3A has been screened with compounds ( bioactivities). (see details)