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ITGAV (P06756) - Pathways - Molecular Target Synopsis

Data acquired from 14 pathway associations found
Pathway Name Source
Cross-presentation of particulate exogenous antigens (phagosomes)Reactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
ECM proteoglycansReactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
Elastic fibre formationReactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
Integrin cell surface interactionsReactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
Laminin interactionsReactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
Molecules associated with elastic fibresReactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
Neutrophil degranulationReactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
PECAM1 interactionsReactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
Signal transduction by L1Reactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
Syndecan interactionsReactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
VEGFA-VEGFR2 PathwayReactome v61 (only 'Homo_sapiens.owl') 23-Jun-2017
Gastrin_CCK2R_240212PANTHER Pathways 3.4.1 on 04-Jul-2016 (auto-converted to human-only model)
Integrin signaling pathway ( Integrin signaling pathway )INOH 4.0 (signal transduction and metabolic data), 22-MAR-2011
Integrin signalling pathwayPANTHER Pathways 3.4.1 on 04-Jul-2016 (auto-converted to human-only model)