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SF-295 - Overview - Cell Line Synopsis


Cell Line Information

Name: SF-295

Tissue: brain, central_nervous_system

Disease: astrocytoma, glioma

Gene Mutations

626 mutations were reported in COSMIC - Cell Lines Project
75 mutations were reported in COSMIC

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Copy Number Variation

COSMIC - Cell Lines Project reported the following signals for SF-295.

0 Genes with gain
519 Genes with loss
57124 Genes with no signal

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Gene Expression

There are 1 source(s) of expression data for SF-295.

In NCI - NCI 60 Reference:

Genes with the highest expression levels include EEF1A1, RPL23A, RPL41, ACTB, PPIA, RPS23, GAPDH, RPS2, LOC645715, EEF1AL7.

Genes with the lowest expression levels include BSN, WNT1, RAMP3, KRT75, SSTR4, GCGR, TAAR2, IRF6, HBQ1, GALR3.

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