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NCI-H522 - Overview - Cell Line Synopsis


Cell Line Information

Name: NCI-H522

Tissue: lung

Disease: adenocarcinoma, carcinoma

Gene Mutations

507 mutations were reported in COSMIC - Cell Lines Project
168 mutations were reported in COSMIC

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Copy Number Variation

COSMIC - Cell Lines Project reported the following signals for NCI-H522.

395 Genes with gain
362 Genes with loss
56878 Genes with no signal

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Gene Expression

There are 1 source(s) of expression data for NCI-H522.

In NCI - NCI 60 Reference:

Genes with the highest expression levels include EEF1A1, DCAF6, HNRNPM, UNC5B, RPS23, RPL41, RPL37A, PPIA, TMSL3, TMSB4X.

Genes with the lowest expression levels include GCGR, RAMP3, SSTR4, WNT1, KRTAP9-4, TAAR2, IRF6, HBQ1, PSMB8, GALR3.

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